How to avoid garage door damages

No doubt, having a functional automatic garage door is a great blessing. Your life will go smoothly and fast as you don’t need to waste your precious time getting in and out from the vehicle to operate the garage door.  Since your garage door is doing so much for you, you should be thinking about rewarding it by giving regular maintenance and lubrication. You can perform garage door maintenance services on your own but it is wise to hire the services of professionals like, Greenwich, Connecticut garage door repair services to do this job as they have the expertise to manage the garage door in the right way.

Garage door spring maintenance

In order to inspect the working of garage door springs, you will have to open it to its half path. Check, if the garage door does not stay at the point where you want but raise up quickly. It shows that garage door springs are too tight. On the opposite side, if the garage door lowers back quickly, the springs are too loose. Furthermore, if the garage door springs look damaged or rusty, it is a time to replace them with new ones. Remember, don’t try to adjust the springs on your own, it could be dangerous if you mishandled it. It is good to consult with a professional to handle the springs.

Garage door track maintenance

Garage door tracks should be lubricated regularly to avoid frequent repair. Make sure that all the screws and bolts are tight enough to keep the door in a good shape. Conduct regular garage door check-ups to lubricate and balance the tracks. If you find any loose brackets, tighten up them to balance the garage door.

Fix the weather stripping

If your garage door has weather seals, this is something important, you will have to check it, if the weatherstripping is falling down or getting stuck somewhere, you will have to replace them to ensure that garage door will be locked properly. It is very essential in case the garage door is used as the main gate to your home. If the weatherstripping will not be able to seal the garage door completely, it will lose the heating and cooling which will increase the energy bills.


Keep the garage door clean

Although you may think, it is not important but you have to wash the garage door regularly. It will keep the door in good shape and prevent it from aging. When it concerns the garage door repair and maintenance, people should not pay much attention to it. In the case of serious problems, you should have to consult with expert technicians instead of trying it yourself especially, if you are not familiar with the features of the garage door. It is the right time to avail of some professional help.